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How to Start a Your Own Chocolate Factory in South Africa
Your Chocolate Factory in a Box
9 September, 2021 by
How to Start a Your Own Chocolate Factory in South Africa
Manase Tsebe

There's a new ready-to-use concept for South African entrepreneurs who are looking for a complete chocolate processing solution: ‘YOUR CHOCOLATE FACTORY IN A BOX’.

Chocolate World, the renowned Belgian chocolate equipment manufacturer has partnered with Culinary to bring this concept to South Africa. Chocolate World brings extensive years of experience, having translated various industrial applications into simple and flexible solutions for the traditional chocolate industry.

This unique concept includes everything you need to start your own chocolate production: material, machinery, recipes and even, on request, the support of a chef chocolatier.

Your chocolate factory in a box 

‘YOUR CHOCOLATE FACTORY IN A BOX’ is the concept of full installation of the essential product required to start your professional production of artisan chocolate, it is built on the basis of the main product ranges found in today's chocolate industry. The set-up only requires space as little as (4x6) 24m2.

The concept is equipped with a 40kg automatic tempering machine, beating heart of your chocolate factory, alongside complementary machines such as a cooling workbench, a heating cabinet, a professional dosing device and a carefully composed range of small tools.

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Production concept

The' production concept' is the first segment starting with basic equipment and tools, focusing on the production of moulded chocolates. It includes a range of 200 polycarbonate moulds of your choice, in addition to the basic equipment and tools you'll be operating. 

With only two experienced workers, you can produce up to 150 kg of pralines/moulded chocolates in an 8 hour day with this basic package.

Production concept expansion

In addition to your moulded chocolates, you can expand your product offering with an enrobing concept that focuses on the production of enrobed (chocolate covered/coated) products. The ‘enrobing concept’ includes a 200mm enrobing line, which is compatible with the 40kg automatic tempering machine.

You also receive a guitar cutter that allows you to cut different square and rectangle shapes and sizes of chocolate creams, wafers, biscuits and pastry products with a soft dough.  

Chocolate truffles concept               

The ‘truffle concept’ allows you to easily produce a product offering of Belgian truffles. This addition includes a 200mm truffle grill and truffle mill, that is easy to mount the 40kg automatic tempering machine

To complete the truffle concept, you'll receive a robust chocolate shaver to make chocolate flakes that melt and crumble easily in the mouth with pure pleasure.

Panning concept

What is panning? This concept focuses on the production of coating roasted nuts such hazelnuts, almonds, pistachio nuts, pine nuts, coffee grains, etc. with chocolate.

The process is achieved with a panning machine, that quickly and easily covers round and roasted products with a shiny coat of chocolate.

You can use chocolate panning for instance on peanuts, dried fruits or roasted hazelnuts. Surely, you'll want these delicacies in your product range.

Semi-industrial concept for larger demands

This final concept is for chocolate producers who are experiencing high customer demands but with limited space to keep with the capacity. The 'semi-industrial concept' is an ideal solution by providing a compact yet highly efficient automatic mini moulding line that fits in a small limited space. It is also compatible with the 40kg automatic tempering machine allowing increased production capacity.

This concept can create a unique customer experience by showcasing the brilliant chocolate production right in front of customers. You can operate it in a mall or shopping centre with an open window for customers to see and enjoy the production process.

The beauty of it all is that it requires minimal effort and most of the production is automated.

Watch: Your Chocolate Factory in a Box concept


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How to Start a Your Own Chocolate Factory in South Africa
Manase Tsebe 9 September, 2021
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