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Tempering machinery and equipment  for chocolate processing

Discover the world of chocolate processing; start your production line that includes everything that you need for your own production line: material, machinery, recipes from a chef chocolatier. You can rest assured of the high quality product range from Belgium - one of the pioneers of chocolate making in the last century.  


Chocolate Tempering Machines

Begin your chocolate processing with a chocolate tempering machine. The chocolate tempering machines designed to consistently temper your chocolate whilst improving the quality of the chocolate.

  • Designed to constantly temper your chocolate without manual intervention.

  • Able to produce 90kg to 200kg per hour. 

  • Improves chocolate quality

  • Standard dosing function

  • Microprocessor with digital temperature display

  • Pedal to dose the chocolate

  • Heated vibrating table

  • Low energy consumption

  • Fast melting and tempering cycle

  • Optimal finish and design

  • Easy to move on castors

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Chocolate Enrobing Machines

The chocolate enrobing machines have been specifically designed to automate the traditional, time-consuming coating of confectionery and fillings.

  • The thickness of the chocolate can be adjusted by the vibrating system (adjustable in intensity) and by the blowing unit(adjustable in height and intensity).

  • Adjustable speed of conveyor belt  to suit each specific product & output

  • Compatible with most chocolate tempering machines. 

  • Designed to automate chocolate coating with minimal wastage

  • Dramatically increase productivity and product consistency

  • The thickness of chocolate coating can be adjusted by the vibrating system & blowing unit

  • Equipped with a double chocolate curtain, vibrating station, detailer & conveyer belt

  • Dramatically increases production capabilities

  • Conveyer belt covered by paper

  • Simple to connect and operate

  • Easily moveable and storable

Why Chocolate World?

  • Made in Belgium, one of the pioneers of chocolate making in the last century.  

  • Chocolate World is one of the leading suppliers of chocolate machinery in the chocolate industry.

  • Product range covers a large range of high quality chocolate solutions,

  • Chocolate World has over 30 years of experience and hold extensive knowledge for the production of artisanal chocolate.


Chocolate Machine Accessories

Discover a variety of accessories available to ensure that you can offer all the chocolate treats you would like. The various accessories can be used to craft the perfect chocolate offering for your establishment.

  • Moulds

  • Fillings

  • Panning machines

  • Shapes

  • Tools & Additives

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