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5 Tips for designing commercial kitchens for game lodges

1.Create a spacious goods receiving and storage area 2.Maximize capacity for preparation on site 3.Split your main kitchen into zones 4.Bring bush flavours into the kitchen 5.Designa dedicated space for bush breakfast prep. ... Read More

3 Benefits Blast Chillers Bring to Professional Kitchens

Blast chillers / blast freezers are used in professional kitchens to rapidly chill cooked foods so that they can be stored and then served at a later time. They help chef’s safely store food while preserving flavour and texture ... Read More

How FAEMA’s smart boiler technology reduces energy consumption

Smart Boiler technology, a patented development by FAEMA, has quickly become a prized characteristic of the manufacturer’s lineup. The technology works independently of the change in water level inside the chamber. The machine measures the flow of water leaving the boiler and replenishes the same volume of water into the chamber. ... Read More

How a next-gen espresso machines give baristas a double shot

FAEMA’s new e71e espresso machine isn’t just a beauty in our eyes. In fact, since it was launched in 2018 the machine was destined to change the way baristas pull great espresso shots. Designed by the fabled design house Giugiaro, which has been defining objects of quintessential Italian flair since 1968, the bold and elegant […] ... Read More

Tackling needless packaging waste

Culinary Deli, the new grocery and butchery inside Culinary Equipment Company’s Lanseria showroom has taken a stand against plastic packaging and waste. While plastic packaging is cheaper, we have taken the view that paper packaging offers benefits to the environment far in excess of those borne by convenience. Many consumers are used to plastic sleeves […] ... Read More

10 Steps To Opening Up An Ice Cream Shop

So, you want to open an Ice Cream shop… Ice cream is one of South Africa’s favourite ways of cooling down in summer – nothing rounds off a hot summer’s day like sitting next to the pool with your favourite ice cream in hand! So, where do you begin? How do you get your own […] ... Read More

Mauviel 1830 main sponsor of Bocuse d’Or®.

For 185 years Mauviel 1830 has embodied the growth and development of Culinary Arts. So, it is with great pleasure that we announce that Mauviel 1830 will be the main sponsor of the Bocuse d’Or® in 2015. The Bocuse d’Or represents the climax of the international culinary arts scene. It is where global culinary influences […] ... Read More

Culinary supports coffee barista skills training

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Headline Options: Culinary Equipment Company supports coffee barista skills training Culinary Equipment Company Donates espresso machine to GetOn Skills Development Centre Lanseria, South Africa – October 29, 2014 – Culinary Equipment Company is proud to announce our support and involvement with GetOn Skills Development Centre in Atteridgeville. When Culinary Equipment Company (Culinary), […] ... Read More

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