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Innovative tools for efficient food preparation   

Unique and innovative tools that save you time and labour costs by rapidly whipping, blending, grinding, chopping, slicing and puréeing your ingredients. Featuring exclusive brands such as the Pacojet 2 Plus and Mycook multifunctional food processors. 

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Food Prep Equipment

Innovative & Effective

Trusted by top chefs around the world, our food prep equipment meets the highest standards. Encapsulating all that top hospitality establishments are searching for within their products. 

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High quality AISI 304 stainless steel construction

Specialised Equipment

Culinary Equipment tailored to suit specific needs. Proficient, effective and productive food prep equipment. 


Our food prep equipment keeps productivity in mind with well-designed equipment able to perform above the rest. 

Product for every problem    

Catered, detailed products for each need. 

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