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Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial Dishwashers designed to improve the health and safety of your establishment and reduce the time and costs associated with sterilising your flatware. Commercial dishwashers that ensure that your business is operating effectively from end to end. Improve the efficiency, decrease costs and limit timeliness when choosing dishwashers from Culinary. 




Ultimate Performance & Uniformity

The range of dishwashers, glass washers and ware washers provided by us enable your establishment to provide the most hygienic flatware possible. 

Top Dishwasher Equipment


High quality AISI 304 stainless steel construction

Long-lasting products

Built and designed to last in the most demanding environments. The accurate temperatures and dishwasher safety ensure that your flatware is protected. 

Smart dishwashing system

Specialised disinfection programmes to reduce bacteria on plates in acccordance with all standards

Stages & Technologies

Various stages with patented technology to provide the best experience when washing, rinsing and draining. 

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