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Top 5 Reasons why you should own a Pacojet
Learn more about the Pacojet and find out why you should have one in your kitchen.
2 March, 2022 by
Top 5 Reasons why you should own a Pacojet
Joshue Menezes

What is a Pacojet? 

The Pacojet is a professional kitchen appliance used in commercial kitchens to micro-pure frozen foods into ultra-fine textures without thawing. The Pacojet was invented in the early 1980s with the idea to create the most tantalizing ice cream; however, in modern kitchens, professional chefs have expanded the use of the Pacojet beyond ice creams and sorbets to include various other applications including Mousse, sauces, concentrates and soups. 

Pacotizing refers to a term used by Pacojet owners to describe the process of micro pureeing frozen foods into smooth, homogenous mixtures. The process of Pacotizing is unique as it spins a precision blade, as fast as 2000rpm, which shaves a thin layer off the top of the block of deep-frozen ingredients. The blade rotates through the contents of the beaker from top to bottom ensuring that the fresh flavour and aromas are kept intact. 

How does the Pacojet work?

The Pacojet works by taking fresh ingredients and placing them into a Pacojet beaker to be frozen for at least 24 hours at -22°C. You can speed up the freezing process using a blast freezer which will improve your efficiency and allow for more effective use of the Pacojet. 

After the items have frozen, the beaker is then attached to the Pacojet machine and the number of portions desired is selected on the machine. The Pacojets precision blades then spin downwards inside the beaker and begin the Pacotizing process. 

After the Pacotizing process is completed, the beaker can then be removed from the Pacojet and the final product can then be taken from the beaker and served. The Pacojet is able to produce a single serving in 20 seconds and produce 15 litres of different sorbets or ice creams. A single beaker can make up to 10 portions and has around 0.8L in volume.

What can you make with the Pacojet? 

The Pacojet has a variety of different applications and enables culinary establishments to take their services offerings to a whole new level. The Pacojet 2 Plus is the latest model offered by Pacojet and is able to make:

  • Ice Cream

  • Gelato

  • Sorbet

  • Concentrates

  • Farces & Stuffing

And more! The Pacojet is able to make these with precision accuracy allowing for consistent results.

Top 5 reasons why you should purchase a Pacojet.

Now that we have discussed the basics of the Pacojet, let's dive into why you should have one in your culinary establishment. Here are the 5 reasons why you need a Pacojet: 

1. A multitude of applications and use

As discussed, the applications of the Pacojet are extensive and allow for modern Chefs to experience efficient, high-quality products in a fraction of the time. The sheer amount of products that can be prepared in the modern kitchen from the Pacojet means you are definitely going to see a positive return on your investment. 

2. Limitless creativity

The way the Pacojet is designed enables the user, the chef, to experiment with a variety of ingredient combinations; this allows for new, unique flavours to be discovered easily and without hassle. The prospect of unique tastes, flavours and dishes being unique to your establishment creates many exciting possibilities.  The new programmable automatic repeat function means that the Pacojet 2 Plus opens up a wide variety of creative avenues in Pacotizing consistent, exceptional results. 

3. Speed & Efficiency

The Pacojet is able to make a single portion in 20 seconds, or an entire beaker (1L) in a minute.Is the Pacojet worth it?

The Pacojet is able to provide a multitude of modern-day applications through a single tool. The modern-day chef is able to use the Pacojet throughout various applications and all within a timely manner, this is a huge advantage within a commercial kitchen. 

4. Consistent results

One of the most important factors within a commercial kitchen is the ability to produce quality food, consistently, and the Pacojet is able to do just that. The design, ease of use and professional craftsmanship mean that the Pacojet is able to produce high-quality customer-ready results in minutes and achieve the same results day in and day out.

5. Decreased costs & improved profits

The Pacojet’s system can make a large impact on improving the bottom line in culinary establishments of any size. The Pacojet will reduce labor costs as there is no need to peel, puree or strain raw materials and you are able to prepare beakers for the entire week at a single time. The Pacojet is also able to reduce the amount of food waste; Pacojet beakers are airtight meaning no spoilage or oxidation, the peerless fibrous cores can be pacotized into microparticles and only the portions required are used and then rest go back into the freezer.

So, is the Pacojet worth the investment?  

The efficiency of the Pacojet and its ability to produce customer-ready sorbet/ice cream/soups/sauces etc, in less than a minute, from completely frozen makes the Pacojet a one of a kind tool. The Pacojets ability to produce quality ice cream in such a short amount of time and still be able to produce many other end dishes makes the Pacojet unique.

The Pacojet might be a higher investment ut the quality of the product and the applications of the Pacojet, leave it with no rival in the modern commercial kitchen. 

Top 5 Reasons why you should own a Pacojet
Joshue Menezes 2 March, 2022
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