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Save money and perfectly clean heavily soiled and greasy trays from your kitchen
Multi Wash machine uses bio enzyme to clean greasy pans and pots overnight, this benefits your pocket and saves on operation costs.
7 June, 2022 by

At Culinary, Chefs constantly ask us how to handle heavily soiled and greasy kitchen utensils using a solution that saves time but still maintaining a high level of efficiency. With this being an important task in maintaining good hygiene, a proven solution is the answer.  

The Problem:

Most kitchens have a "pot wash station" which is not capable of occupying the sink with utensils that are heavily soiled. These greasy trays, pots and other kitchen essentials may not have the required space to get a thorough was themselves, this creates friction and a situation where most of these essentials are not 100% clean.

  • The ensuing result is pots that return to use without being thoroughly cleaned. 

  • Excessive amounts of water is used for cleaning and rinsing soiled items.

  • Waste of time due to ineffective soaps and scrubbing on heavily soiled items.

Our Experiment:

We conducted an experiment using our Multi Wash utensil washer, which combined with a dose of eco friendly detergent powder  which solves this problem quickly and easily.

 The heavily soiled trays were placed into the Multi Wash for 18 hours.

The Multi Wash heats the water to 70 C and runs at a constant temperature, leading to lower energy bills.

The detergent in the Multi Wash lasts 30 days approximately and the machine can be used 24/7.


The heavily soiled trays were placed into the Multi Wash for 18 hours.


A deep rinse to ensure all the grease and stain marks have been properly rinsed off 


Once done with the rinse you can leave your tray to dry and see the difference

Why does this solution work well?

Multi Wash Detergent is a product designed specifically to maximize the washing efficiency of the Multi Wash. The formula:

  • Is not caustic.

  • Doesn’t release residues dangerous for food use.

  • Doesn’t oxidize aluminum.

  • Respects the environment and human health.

And the Multi Wash machine, what makes it special?

Multi Wash is practical because it allows to wash what you need anytime you need it, 24 hours a day, without interruptions. The washing cycle lasts few minutes and, to immediately have the objects ready to be used, it is sufficient to rinse them with running water.

To simplify these operations, especially in the larger models, we have patented an automatic lifting system that allows, by pressing a single button, to raise and lower the tray with objects inside.

Cleaning the grids is a tiring and long process: even if they are soaked and manually rubbed they never come back to the original state. Immersion washing with the Multi Wash avoids all this kind of manual work.

7 June, 2022
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