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How to use a Pacojet for sweet, savory, raw and vegan recipes.
Finding new ways to achieve puree and texture excellence with Pacojet, from Culinary Equipment Company
26 April, 2022 by

Esteemed restaurants and hotels have always been the centre of innovative techniques and creations with the Pacojet being at the centre of the inspiration for chefs to create new tastes, sensations and signature dishes every course, while improving the bottom line in restaurants of all sizes.

Chefs today are asking: how can I achieve excellent results and reach new levels in the kitchen? Well when it comes to puree, processing there is nothing more suitable than Pacojet. 


Pacotizing enables chefs to 'micro-purée' fresh and deep-frozen foods into ice creams, sorbets, soups, sauces and ultra-light mousses all without thawing. It’s a unique process of spinning a food product at a high speed of 2,000 rpm. This shaves an ultra fine layer off the frozen product with each revolution, creating a fine, creamy serving in just 20 seconds. 

It’s a unique process of spinning a food product at a high speed of 2,000 rpm. 

This helps create some of the most exquisite creations with a blink of an eye and half the effort ensuring a more productive cycle within the kitchen and a bringing out an artistic side most chefs will sometimes find difficult to when using traditional food processing methods.


Pacojet allows you to create any type of frozen application (sweet/savory/raw/vegan) and still has the functionality to work as a superior machine for pressing fresh food and whipping.

Frozen Foods

  • Ready-to-serve frozen foods such as cream or sorbet are a easy solution that can be easily processed using the pacotizing method.

  • This can be achieved by simply filling the beaker to the fill line with your ingredients and a liquid cover, and let it freeze for 24 hours using a regular freezer or 3 hours with a blast freezer.

  • This method locks in aromas and freshness by automatically locking the beaker even when overfilled this also saves contents in the beaker. 

  • Attach the blade with the splash guard to the Pacojet. When the beaker is frozen solid, remove the lid and attach the beaker using the beaker holder to the Pacojet, then choose the number of servings or portions you desire or pacotize the whole beaker without thawing! It’s quick and simple.

  • As soon as the pacotizing is complete, remove the beaker and your product is ready-to-serve, while retaining the most intense flavors, natural colors and vital nutrients. If you have leftover frozen product in the beakers, simply flatten the product and put the lid back on and return to the freezer for future use.

Non-Frozen Applications

  • The Pacojet can also be used as a cutter, mixer, blender or whipper by applying the coupe set attachments provided, this helps process foodstuff in their fresh state without having to freeze the contents first these foods include fish, meat, herbs, vegetables, spices, cream eggs, whites milk and a wide array of foods that can be processed to create delightful recipes.

  • These options help create magic in the kitchen and are a all in one solution for the chef who has a open imagination when it comes to the meals and dishes they want to create. Without limitations and the much bigger traditional equipment needed space and time is saved while maintaining a high level or production without losing the quality.

  • Have a look at our recipe for Pacotized Basil Mint Pesto for an example of how to achieve amazing results with non-frozen applications.

26 April, 2022
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