Our Brands

Culinary Equipment Company offers a wide range of high-quality global heritage brands. At least once year key brands are visited at their factories and head offices in order to ensure that they still produce and deliver equipment and tools of highest standards that are aligned with Culinary's values.

Possessing brands rated as the best in the world by top international and local chefs and restaurants such as the Josper Charcoal Oven, the powerful oven and grill in 1 machine - every steak house restaurant's essential. With the ability to cook thick steaks in minutes!. Faema - one of Italy's favourite and trusted Espresso machine manufacturer - with patented Smart Boiler technology, ensuring a constant supply of water at the correct temperature for immediate delivery to each group head.

The cookware section comprises of 18/10 stainless steel, non-stick, cast iron and even copper cookware. One of the distinct cookware brands Culinary Equipment Company offers exclusively is Mauviel - the french manufacturer of high-quality copper cookware for professional and home users. With perfect thermic conductibility and light maintenance makes the products indispensable, in culinary technology.

In keeping up with the modern times, economical challenges and ensuring our customers stay ahead of their competition, we also have smart technology brands such as Salvis, the Swiss manufacturer of smart-tech equipment like the Cucina Combi Steamers (5,10,20 Pan GN levels), salamanders and VitalityEvO pressure cooker - with these equipment not only will your kitchen flow improve due to the ergonomically designed equipment, your kitchen will also possess supreme energy-saving features that will save you money. The Salvis Cucina combi steamers reduce energy costs by 30% and water consumption by 80% just to mention a few features. A long term project that saw 45 of these smart-tech Salvis combi-steamers installed at the Durban International Convention Centre earned praise from renowned Durban ICC executive chef, John Moatshe. 

Whether you're starting out or seeking to improve the kitchen operations and food quality of your restaurant, hotel, lodge or catering business, Culinary Equipment Company is your source for the best in gastronomic tools and equipment that you can trust.

Send your inquiries on items or kitchen projects to info@culinary.co.za and our consultants will contact you shortly.

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