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Reasons to Buy a Steam Convection Oven
What is a Steam Convection Oven
26 January, 2021 by
Reasons to Buy a Steam Convection Oven
Kgodisho Modisha

What is a steam convection oven?

You have probably heard people say buying a steam convection oven is a decision you won't regret, but you aren't well informed of its function and advantages. Steam convection ovens are a combination of both convection oven and steam oven, providing you with 3 methods of cooking: steam, convection and combined (steam + convection). These multifunction ovens are ideal for cooking white meats, vegetable gratins, terrines; and steam mode, perfect for preparing vegetables and fish.

Convection is a cooking process that moves the air in an oven around to evenly distribute the heat. This process allows you to cook faster, therefore, saving you time, energy and money. Convection cooking option is good for baking, roasting and toasting because it gives you that perfect browned and crispy exterior. While Steam cooking is good for moist and healthy food preparation. Steam cooking is the healthiest way to prepare your food as it preserves the food's nutrients better than any other cooking method, and it keeps the moisture in your food. 

How do they function?

Steam convection ovens circulate hot air produced inside them using a fan surrounded by heating elements. Convection ovens cook faster and more evenly, they use a fan to circulate air through the oven. The fan keeps the temperature inside the oven steady. Circulating air also transfers heat faster to food that is cooking or baking in the oven. You can choose between 3 methods of cooking being steam, convection and combined.

Reasons to buy a steam convection oven 

1. Fast and efficient cooking

Steam convection ovens are versatile, easy to use and heat up much more quickly. The hot air blowing directly onto the food and around the food allows the food to cook 25% faster and enable a uniform temperature on various levels to be achieved.

2. Even cooking
The risks of overcooking are reduced and messy boil-overs are eliminated when cooking with steam convection ovens. They heat up quickly, are more energy-efficient, and enable a uniform temperature on various levels to be achieved. You have complete control of the oven which allows you to defrost meat gently and evenly eliminating hot spots. 

3. Keeps the moisture
The steam adds moisture and keeps nutrients in the food, so extra oil and fat aren't needed to keep food juicy. The food prepared won’t lose its colour. The humidity in the oven helps prevent the water in your food from evaporating, which in turn keeps it from drying out.

4. Steaming 
Steaming food is one of the most healthy and recommended manners of cooking.  The steam adds moisture and keeps nutrients in the food, so extra oil and fat aren't needed to keep food juicy. Steaming also prevents cross-flavouring, so you can cook a meat and chocolate torte at the same time without getting a meat flavoured dessert. Healthy advantages of steam and the even heat and browning performance of convection ovens will be thrilled with a combination.

5. Browning

The steam convection oven allows consistent heating and browning. Regular ovens become humid as moisture cannot escape while convection can caramelize sugar faster as it creates dry air when roasting.
6. Energy saving

Steam convection ovens cook faster than traditional ovens, which means faster food preparation and lower energy use. They are more energy-efficient because they cook food at a lower temperature.

When to use a convection oven

1. Roasting because the convection oven cooks faster and more evenly. The dry environment allows food to have a crispy and caramelised exterior. 

2. Baking cookies requires less labour and saves you time with the convection oven. You can bake more than one tray evenly without having to rotate the trays. 

3. Food that needs to be covered when cooking can be cooked without losing moisture when uncovered in the convection oven. 

4. Toasting or dehydrating, because the aim is to remove moisture as quickly as possible. The convection oven is best for this task.

5. Baking pies and pastries using the convection oven is easier because it is designed to melt fat and create steam faster to allow the pie pastry to lift.

The difference between three-phase power and single-phase power. 

Every machine or oven function using power, this can be electrical or gas connection. To ensure that your investment is an asset its important to know the difference between single and three-phase power. Single-phase has one live wire while a three-phase makes use of three live wires. Three-phase power supplies a constant and reliable current. It is common on the most powerful commercial ovens. Both single-phase and three-phase power systems refer to ovens that make use of alternating current (AC) electric power. A single-phase is around 90° and 270° and the complete cycle is at 360°. Power is not transferred at a constant rate. A three-phase system functions with 3 power wires which are 120° each.

Reasons to Buy a Steam Convection Oven
Kgodisho Modisha 26 January, 2021
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