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Faema E61 in the Louis Vuitton Cafe in Japan
Le Cafe V marked the French brand's debut in the food and beverage world and Faema will also be a part of this venture with the addition of the Faema E61.
14 April, 2022 by
Faema E61 in the Louis Vuitton Cafe in Japan
Joshue Menezes

Louis Vuitton has taken the leap toward the food & beverage industry with the addition of their new cafe; Le Cafe V is the first Louis Vuitton cafe and restaurant that opened in Osaka, Japan. Faema, the Italian organisation, one of the leading manufacturers of professional espresso machines, has featured in Louis Vuitton's new venture with the addition of the Faema E61.

Faema- The addition of the E61

The Faema E61 was inspired by and named after the first 'total' solar eclipse experienced in 1961; the E61 contributed to the emergence of the modern coffee bar & culture that we know today. Learn more about Faema

The espresso machines entered Europe around the 1900s and were designed to speed up the coffee brewing process, however, the creation of the espresso machines also lead to the postwar miracle of the Italian Coffee Bar. Underpinning this revolution was the appearance of an espresso machine that redefined the beverage, the brewing technology, and, above all, the business model that it supported: the Faema E61, the first commercially successful semi-automatic espresso machine.

The E61 that is found at Le Cafe V is the advancement from the generational icon which began the revolution. Faema is one of the leading manufacturers of professional coffee machines and coffee equipment. Faema's commitment to promoting espresso culture is evidently visible through their exquisite machines, like the E61.

In South Africa, Faema & the E61 are loved for their quality and reliability; they are sold through the exclusive distributor, Culinary Equipment Company. The timeless piece of coffee history that is the E61 is loved by South Africans; with establishments like Wijnhuis & De Volkskombuis using the traditional espresso machine. Faema supplies a vast range of coffee equipment including espresso machines, automatic machines and coffee machine accessories.

Le Cafe V, a first for Louis Vuitton

Le Cafe V marked the debut for Louis Vuitton within the food & beverage world; the success of the Cafe led to the opening of the pop-up restaurant in Seoul, South Korea. The modern coffee bar concept that was brought to life with the E61, is the symbol of socialising around a bar counter and is exactly what Le Cafe V is trying to achieve.

The blend of innovation and tradition that is synonymous with Faema, as evident with the E61, enhances the interest in brand collaboration between the group and Le Cafe V. The collaboration marks a significant innovation from Louis Vuitton and sets their foot within the door of the food & beverage industry.

Le Cafe V still embodies the luxury and elegance that is synonymous with Louis Vuitton; the architect's Jun Aoki and Peter Marino collaborated on the design for Maison Osaka Midosuji; Aoki has worked on numerous Louis Vuitton shops in Japan as well as New York. Le Cafe V features a menu curated by Chef Yosuke Suga - a protege of celebrated French Chef Joel Robuchon, a perfect candidate to hold the Louis Vuitton flag high.

The blend of tradition and innovation within the Louis Vuitton Cafe is everpresent, the Faema E61, an icon of coffee history within a Cafe that resembles the traditional Italian coffee bar with an innovative twist. 

Faema E61 in the Louis Vuitton Cafe in Japan
Joshue Menezes 14 April, 2022
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