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Kitchen Renovation Project for Wine Estate Restaurant in South Africa
Restaurant concept design for a sophisticated dining establishment situated on a picturesque wine state in South Africa
9 July, 2022 by

Project Details:

Location:                 Hermanus, South Africa
Date:                       2021
Duration:                 2 months
Services:                 2D design, 3D design, equipment supply, installation, training and go-live.

Customer Brief:

  • A well known restaurant situated on a pictureque wine estate was in need of a kitchen layout change and revamp of their current kitchen.

  • The restaurant had grown ever more popular and had modified its purpose from serving the tasting room to being a fully fledged destination for discerning clientele.

  • The owners wished to preserve the authenticity of their establishment while adding capacity to the kitchen, and improving communication between different sections inside the kitchen.

  • The menu was mainly fine dining with a requirement to serve a la carte during the course of any given service; resulting in pressure for the kitchen to coordinate and deliver high quality presentation on demand.


  • A focus was placed on creating more linear flow in the kitchen, allowing cooks and chefs to work without the need to cross paths often. This improved equipment positioning and internal layout reduced wasted time and improved productivity.

  • A dedicated and well equipped pass for plating fine dining dishes was prioritized. The waiter pickup was also co-located for ease of collection without the need for waiters to enter into the busy kitchen area.

  • New appliances such as the Hold-o-Mat were introduced to improve consistency of cooked foods that were prepared in advance and served at perfect temperatures and done-ness during service.

  • Overall improvements in visibility and ease of communication were prioritized so that chefs on the pass could easily send and receive information to hot, cold and grill sections. 


9 July, 2022
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