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What is sous-vide cooking?

Sous Vide is an innovative method of cooking that involves low-temperature cooking where food is placed in a vacuum-sealed bag and slowly cooked in a water bath. Sous-vide cooking uses heated and circulating water to gently cook food resulting in enhanced flavours and moisture in your food. 

Benefits of sous-vide

Improved food safety

Because food is sealed in an airtight vacuum bag for the Sous Vide procedure, the harmful influence of atmospheric oxygen and oxidation is eliminated.

In particular when it comes to vegetables this is immediately noticeable even to the naked eye; the consistency and color are maintained much better than with other preparation methods.

Better yields & reduced food waste

The food loses significantly less fluid, which means that drying out is avoided and cooking losses are substantially reduced.

It delights the palate of guests and also offers an economic advantage that should not be underrated. For example, a relatively expensive piece of meat loses much less fluid during preparat ion, and therefore also loses less weight. The cooking losses during Sous Vide compared to standard cooking are reduced from 40% to 5 – 10%.  

Less aromas are lost during the cooking process and the respective flavour of the food is maintained better.

Consistent Cooking

Overcooking is almost impossible due to the temperature of the water bath is equal to the core temperature that the food should reach.

The circulating water bath and low temperature gradient ensures gentle heat transfer. This helps avoid the problem of food being cooked on the outside but undercooked in the centre. The Sous Vide procedure makes perfect consistency and texture possible. 

Easier & faster preparation

Sous Vide cooking makes it possible to pre-prepare  larger quantities of food at an earlier point in time. These can then be appropriately stored and cooled before being briefly heated up to serving temperature again in a water bath.

This method is called “regeneration” and makes it possible to prepare food at less busy times then quickly make it available again when it is needed at a later point in time, without a loss of quality.

Reduced Labour Costs

Traditional method of cooking requires the full attention of a chef or cook, by switching to an automated sous-vide method food can be left unattended overnight to cook with no human interaction - less staff required or less hourly wages paid

The overnight cooking also reduces food preparation time that would be required the following day. 

Sous-vide vs Traditional Cooking

Sous vide produces results that are impossible to achieve through any other  method. The reason–when using traditional methods of cooking,
you don’t 
have control over heat and temperature.

Sous-vide Cooked Steak

Perfectly cooked edge to edge with little weight loss

Traditional Cooked Steak

Overcooked at edges, resulting in water loss = shrinkage

Sous-vide Cooked Salmon

Perfectly cooked edge to edge with little weight loss

Traditional Cooked Salmon

Loss of volume from drying out while cooking


Sous-vide for Restaurants

Sous Vide cooking can ensure that your quality stays uniform through exact cooking times day after day. The fusionchef sous vide cooker allows you to pre-cook food and finish at any time later in the day. That means less stress in the kitchen at peak times. Plus, refrigerating pre-cooked dishes minimizes spoilage of fresh product and makes resupply planning easier.

  • Intense taste experiences for the guests.
  • Product cost reduction.
  • Optimal preparation of meals (Cook & Chill).
  • Environmentally friendly (energy efficient).
  • Improved work-flow in the kitchen.

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