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1. Company Profile



30. INSPIRED KITCHEN SOLUTIONS SINCE 2002 www.culinary.co.za info@culinary.co.za +27 87 688 1100 Lanseria Centre, Pelindaba Road (R512) Lanseria, Gauteng, South Africa, 1748


7. At Culinary, we pride ourselves on our proven track record of excellent customer service. We believe that our clients deserve to work with a company that cares about them and their success. Our friendly staff are on hand to assist with everything from the smallest purchases to the largest projects. We strive to make ourselves the ultimate destination for chefs of all walks. A passion for food and a culture for excellence IT’S EASY TO DO BUSINESS WITH CULINARY FRIENDLY STAFF


13. VALUE-ADDED SERVICES Our experienced consultants offer a range of services to help you maximize your capital and achieve your business goals. CAPITAL BUDGETING We offer a variety of capital budgeting services, either for high level budget planning or granular costing of your project. Our capital budgeting deliverable should provide your finance manager with the key insights required to validate your business plan and calculate your ROI period. FACILITY ASSESSMENTS Are you seeking to understand your facility better? Sort out a workflow issue that’s hampering your output? Or devising a list of requirements for a renovation or expansion? We can help simplify these questions and offer workable recommendations. MENU DEVELOPMENT The best menus are simple and fresh, but developing them can certainly be a challenge. Work with our development chefs or food scientists to reach a simple yet well crafted menu offering to differentiate your brand.

17. CORPORATE SOCIAL INITIATIVES HIGHLIGHTS All businesses have a social responsibility, and as such Culinary is involved in a number of initiatives within the community. These range from offering pro-bono services to community upliftment projects, to nurturing young talent by providing learnerships and programmes that enable them to graduate into the foodservice and hospitality industries. ±1000 Beneficiaries R 350,000 Staff Nutrition Programme Spend R 506,100 CSI Spend R 1,016,100 Total Spend

11. PROFESSIONAL KITCHEN LAYOUT Let us help you grow your business with innovative commercial and professional kitchen solutions. Concept Our project design team comprises architects, designers and chefs with years of industry experience. We create a comprehensive kitchen layout and design solution to fit your needs. Drawing Our in-house design and architecture team will then draw the plans to the highest standards of architectural practice to ensure seamless installation. Rendering We generate a 3D render of the design to allow our clients to visualize the final product and allow stakeholders to make informed revisions.

12. INDUSTRIES Hospitality Cafés Bakery Supermarkets Corporate Academia Catering Restaurants Butchery Government Retailers/Resellers Medical facilities

9. DEMO KITCHENS Because seeing is believing We understand that efficiency is an experience and that sometimes you need to get hands on with the equipment before making a purchase decision. We offer product testing and demonstrations in a dedicated demo kitchen within our Lanseria showroom, allowing you and your business partners to better understand the unique value that our solutions provide. Talk to our Sales Team today to book your demo. MIND MAPPING Show us the destination. We’ll show you how to get there. Menu design is hard enough. Having to plan exactly which equipment you need to execute your vision is even harder. At Culinary, we save our clients time, money and frustration by mapping their menu to the most efficient combination of tools, machines and stations that will allow them to operate a profitable business.

14. VALUE-ADDED SERVICES Our experienced consultants offer a range of services to help you maximize your capital and achieve your business goals. ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Our in-house architect can offer high levels of expertise to your nominated project architect. We are able to fully integrate our solutions into existing shells, or wrap walls and associated service areas around the best-case kitchen plan for your business. FOOD PRODUCTION SYSTEMS DESIGN We’ve built generalized and specialized food production systems from small made-to-order environments with moderate levels of automation to full in-line automated production systems for industrial use. WORKSTATION OPTIMISATION For each function there is a station, and for each station there are optimized parameters that make them user friendly, multi-purpose and cost effective. We are passionate about fitting your kitchen’s workstations to their function and users to reduce cost whilst making chefs happier. EQUIPMENT SURVEYS We are prepared to review, analyse and assist in either new or current equipment analysis. Either to verify electricity consumption and demand requirements, capacity output capabilities, fit-analysis or current maintenance vs. replacement analysis.

16. CORPORATE SOCIAL INITIATIVES PROGRAMMES Staff Nutrition Programme All businesses have a social responsibility, and as such Culinary is involved in a number of initiatives within the community. These range from offering pro-bono services to community upliftment projects, to nurturing young talent by providing learnerships and programs that enable them to graduate into the foodservice and hospitality industries. Learnerships Talent Nurturing Sponsorships and Donations Culinary offers a staff lunch program to ensure that our dedicated staff enjoy a hot, healthy lunch every day. We understand that staff want to grow with the business, and thus we provide learnerships and scholarships to allow staff to upskill in their respective fields. We host a number of workshops and experience days for students to provide them with a practical experience of the hospitality industry. Culinary is a proud contributor to charities such as Rhema Hands of Compassion, amongst others.

2. Culinary Equipment Company is your source for the best in gastronomic tools, from world-class heritage brands to innovative technology used in the world’s leading kitchens. We sell hard-to-find and high quality kitchen appliances, tools and accessories to discerning clientele. Culinary was founded in 2002 by visionary business entrepreneur Wehrner Gutstadt with the mission of making kitchens better for cooks and chefs. Our countless projects and relationships with top chefs is testament to this mission. We represent craftsmen, manufacturers and best-practices that span the widest range of categories available from a single culinary company in South Africa. We offer premium European and South African manufactured equipment with the vision of supporting excellence through quality, innovation and ethical practice. Our accountability to this vision is demonstrated in customer satisfaction which is at the heart of our organization. Our scope of services includes kitchen projects where we excel at giving customers headache free solutions that exceed their expectations. We love a challenge! WHO WE ARE

15. AFTER-SALES SERVICES IN-HOUSE FIELD TECHNICIANS The nightmare of having to deal with numerous 3rd party repair and technical services providers is well known in the hospitality industry. Culinary alleviates this stress for its clients by providing an in-house technical support and repairs team. Our staff are trained by those who know the equipment best - the very people that design them. This ensures that repairs are done to the highest standard, and that you can have the utmost confidence in your appliances, day after day. Field technicians support contact: +27 11 017 0990 After hours support contact: +27 76 701 3333 You can’t sell downtime, so we make sure that your machines are always running at their best. SPARE PARTS SOURCING We would love it if every machine we installed was able to keep working flawlessly forever. Unfortunately, sometimes things break. As a client of Culinary, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered. We source spare parts directly from manufacturers to ensure that your machine gets repaired to the correct specification. This protects the longevity of your investments, and means that you can spend your time focused on running your business.

6. WHERE WE ARE LANSERIA SHOWROOM Conveniently located near Lanseria Airport Unit 1, Lanseria Centre R512 Pelindaba Rd Lanseria, 1748 Gauteng SOUTH AFRICA ONLINE STORE & CATALOGUE Culinary was founded to be an innovative company, always on the cutting edge of technology. That’s why we operate an online store (culinary.co.za) where you can purchase a large number of our products, and an online catalogue (culinarypro.co.za) with a quote cart that allows you to get more information on the latest and greatest in the industry. We aim to be accessible and available wherever you need us, 24/7. This also enables our international customers across the African continent to order directly from us and have their products shipped to their final destination with ease. Online Store - culinary.co.za

18. RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITY As a company with a global reach, Culinary is committed to being the benchmark for sustainable business practice. As global citizens, we all have a responsibility to minimize our impact on our ecosystems and environment, and we carry that responsibility into our business practices. From the way we operate to the choice of products we sell, we aim to show that sustainable operation is not only possible in our time, but profitable as well. We strive to be ahead of the curve in all aspects of our business, and this is no different when it comes to sustainability. Culinary sources cutting-edge solutions for the environmentally conscious chef and restaurateur. Energy efficiency is both an environmental issue and a matter of business survival. We create solutions that are best-in-class for energy efficiency, both for machines and users, helping you run a lean and profitable business. We at Culinary are very particular about the suppliers we choose to partner with. We visit our suppliers and test their products to make sure that they meet our exacting standards in ethics, quality and sustainability. INNOVATION ENERGY EFFICIENCY RESPONSIBLE PARTNERS

10. We meet with you to discuss the concept and requirements. Concept WE KNOW KITCHENS From Concept to After-Sales, Culinary offers innovative turnkey professional kitchen project solutions. We service over 4000 clients across the African continent. Specification Design & Rendering Installation User Training After-Sales Service We specify spaces, stations and equipment to efficiently achieve the goal. Our architects design, draw and render the specification. Our Project Manager and Technical Teams install the equipment. We train chefs and staff on the new machines to safeguard your investment. We perform maintenance and repairs to keep downtime to a minimum.

4. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations and business. OUR VALUES EXCELLENCE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION INNOVATION ACCOUNTABILITY ETHICAL BEHAVIOUR We strive to offer products that exceed the market standard in terms of technology, eco-friendliness and style. We put clients at the centre of our business to ensure that we surpass expectations and become your supplier of choice. We are accountable to each other, our organization and our customers. We demonstrate the highest levels of integrity in all our interactions.

5. WEHRNER GUTSTADT Founder & CEO I started Culinary with the vision of equipping my home with a stove that would perform at a level which a chef would expect. I found Lacanche and loved cooking on it so much I decided to bring the range to South Africa. Little did I know that this single product would open my mind to the wide range of products that had remained hidden from our market. I soon came to appreciate that chefs needed the tools and appliances that I had seen and used abroad in restaurants and my network of relationships made it possible for me to offer these fine products locally. We soon began offering kitchen design services too. As an efficiency and space planning expert I devise layouts of kitchens that are highly tuned to the needs of ergonomics. Chefs that worked with us over the years taught me about their challenges, and I took great enjoyment in designing kitchens that made their creations come to life. To this day our business is about passion, and we work with a burning desire to make kitchens better. STEFAN GUTSTADT Managing Director Kitchens have always been a prominent part of my life, from the meals my family prepared together at home, to working at Schulphoek House and Culinary during school holidays. I’ve spent years learning from some of the world's top chefs how successful kitchens are run, and every day this knowledge is invaluable in making sure we exceed our clients expectations. We offer the consistent excellence of legacy brands, whilst staying ahead of the latest trends and innovations to ensure that our offering is unmatched on the African continent. I’d like to invite you to come visit to our showroom, have some coffee, and explore all that Culinary has to offer you and your business.

8. WE DON’T JUST SELL EQUIPMENT WE USE IT EVERYDAY Culinary Table Restaurant & Deli is a garden-to-table restaurant in Lanseria serving wholesome produce with a dedication to sustainable restauranteering. Headed by Chef Daniela Gutstadt, the restaurant has been designed and fitted by Culinary Equipment Company. This includes the kitchen, scullery, cutlery and dinnerware, bakery, butchery, bar and a large kitchen garden. Culinary has always had a strong dedication to the coffee industry, and after many years struggling to find the right coffee products to accompany our coffee machines, we decided to make our own. Coffee Lab sources beans and roasts a number of blends to suit both coffee novices and the most discerning palettes alike. Culinary designed and fitted the coffee production solution, including the roaster and packing stations. Schulphoek House is a five-star beach-side boutique hotel situated in Hermanus. With gorgeous rooms, views, gardens, and an impressive kitchen and wine cellar, it’s easy to see why this eco-friendly hotel is a popular seaside escape. Under the direction of Wehrner Gutstadt, the 2017 renovation of Schulphoek saw Culinary remodelling the kitchen and supplying dinnerware and cutlery. Culinary Table Coffee Lab Schulphoek House


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