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20 Pan Combi Steam Oven - CucinaEvo 2011QT-Pro

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    Salvis 20 Pan Combi Steam Oven fulfils every requirement for chefs.

    Their innovative, high-quality thermal cooking systems for restaurants and caterers are developed and manufactured in Switzerland and Germany to the highest quality standards to the most exacting requirements. 

    20 Pan Combi Steam Oven Key Features:

    • High-resolution touch screen

    • Temperature range +30°C/+250°C.

    • Humidity temperature 0/+100°C.

    • Dry and moist heat with active moistening and dehumidification in any combination.

    • 6-level fan speeds for desired food texture.

    • Special programs: low-temperature cooking, Softcooking, Cook and Hold - for slow-cooking from 30 °C to 120 °C. 

    • Delta-T cooking - cooking processes and feed rates controlled depending on core temperature to monitor supports

    • Baking mode with idle times for ventilator, as well as rebaking function up to 5 minutes.

    • 20 different cooking steps.

    • EcoMode to optimise power consumption of cooking processes, such as slow-cooking and stewing 

    • 5 ventilator speeds plus interval mode for perfect, uniform cooking and baking results.

    • Highly effective ventilator with auto-reverse and interval mode for gentle cooking.

    • Temp active - automatic preheating or cooling down to preset temperature.

    • Cool down function with motor control when door is open for efficient climate control.

    • Start time pre-set and E/2 function (energy saving function).

    • Automatic quantity adjustment (AQA).

    • Cooking chamber safety steam extraction (SDA)

    • Manual steam injection - for custom addition of moisture e.g. for baking.

    • Time setting from 1 minutes to 24 hours, continuous operation and start time pre-setting up to 24 hours in real-time.

    • Start from any phase for multi-phase cooking processes for greater convenience

    • Core temperature regulation with multi-point sensor - to accurately measure the core temperature from 0 °C to 99° C; control cooking processes with warning if failed to insert probe.

    • Data exchange via USB.

    • HACCP Data Recording - automatic recording of HACCP/food hygiene regulation (LMHV) data from the last 300 processes

    • Auto-diagnosis system with operating, error and warning indicators.

    • Service pop-up window to check current technical parameters live.

    • Default cooking parameters can be customised for the type of operation and use

    • Time setting from 1 minutes to 24 hours, continuous operation and start time pre-setting up to 24 hours in real-time.

    • Extensive memory function to enter your own custom cooking programs with program lists, categories, info texts and linked images. 

    • Search function to find saved cooking programs more easily. 

    • Energy-saving mode - lights switch off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity

    • Water filter counter - indicates when the filter should be changed for long-term maintenance of value

    • System-supported manual cleaning process - to meet hygiene requirements

    • Regeneration with preset parameters for single portions, GN trays and banquet system

    • Start/stop button with function indicator for running (red), idle (green) and stopped (blue)

    • Memory - repeat last entered program without re-entering it.

    • No Auto Liquid Clean, Right

    • Optional: Eco-Autoclean - Automatic cleaning system with liquid cleaner

    The Salvis 20 Pan Combi Steam is the most energy-efficient on the market.


    Modern technologies state-of-the-art. 

    They ensure for resource-saving consumption, in spite of twice the cooking chamber size.

    Six fan speeds for the perfect coordination of the required energy for the food in it.

    The newly developed EC motor reduces the

    energy demand by up to 65 % for each starting and heating phase!

    EcoMode as an add-on function.

    Optionally selectable for all cooking processes.

    Saving of energy costs up to 40 %.

    Insulated triple-glazed door with infrared reflective coating

    Safety-relevant, because it protects against burns and achieves energy optimisation up to 20 %. Energy remains where it belongs – in the cooking chamber.

    Heat recovery

    The integrated counter-current heat exchanger in all QT-Pro models reduces the energy cost by up to 30 % and the water consumption with vapour condensation by up to 80 %.

    Light off after 15 minutes

    The energy-saving mode - The cooking chamber light switches off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

    Circulation cleaning saves up to 37 % water.


    • 100 % more cooking chamber volume
      Uniform browning at full cooking chamber utilisation. Offset positioning and uniform airflow ensure best baking and cooking results.

    • One removable rack for four dimensions
      The support for cooking and baking accessories, integrated as standard, carries all dimensions: GN 1/1 lengthways and sideways, as well as baking standard 400 × 600 mm.

    • Twice the capacity increase
      Twice the capacity increase for all low-temperature processes and banqueting through complete cooking chamber utilisation.

      2011QT = 80 plates with 32 cm diameter

    • Safety and loading convenience with sideways slide-in
      Your safety in handling hot foods is important to us. Sideways slide in through its ergonomic design offers convenience in loading and unloading of the hot dishes.


    The sophisticated, preset cooking programs and custom recipes in your own cookbook guarantee consistent results.

    • Manual operation with four basic functions steam, combi-steam, hot air, vitalization

    • Cookbook with 300 programs up to 20 steps

    • Combi cooking with parallel cooking programs

    • Special programmes for meat preparation (DeltaT, NT cooking, soft cooking, Cook&Hold or insertion times). SousVide is optionally available

    • Favourite mode - direct access to the 15 most important recipes

    • Salvis CucinaEVO bakery mode - for a special bread and baking experience.

      Bakery mode with ml-exact steam addition, rest periods and 6 air speeds

    • Preset vitalization processes for plates, GN or banquet system

    • 9 cooking methods (grilling, braising, stewing, defrosting, etc.) as shortcuts

    • Combi-Step function for combining up to 20 cooking steps

    • HACCP export via USB

    • Data transfer from photos, cooking programs or personal settings

    Program operation, cookbook with 3 fingertips:

    Salvis 20 Pan Combi Steam Oven  - PRO Control system 1

    STEP 1: Select cookbook operation

    Salvis 20 Pan Combi Steam Oven - PRO Control system 2
    STEP 2: Select product to be cooked

    Salvis 20 Pan Combi Steam Oven - PRO Control system 3

    STEP 3: Display during the cooking process


    Control System



    LxDxH (mm)



    Tray capacity

    20 x GN 1/1

    Spacing between levels/trays(mm)


    Banqueting system plates)

    80 plates with Ø 32cm

    Plate distance


    Weight (kg)



    Connected load (kW)


    Electrical Connection

    400V/ 3ph/ 50-60 Hz


    3 x 63


    Water connection KW / KWE

    2 x G 3/4 A

    Water drainage (mm)


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