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Electric Pasta Fresca 220V Machine With 3 Attachments

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    The fast and compact mixer, designed for homemade pasta. Pasta Fresca kneads bread, pizza, and biscuits dough within a few minutes and cuts different pasta shapes.


    • The only mixer that knead as by hand Knead up to 750 g.

    • Pasta Fresca is the extraordinary Marcato mixer designed to make the perfect dough for pasta, bread, pizza at home.

    • In just 3 minutes, Pasta Fresca is able to knead 500g of flour (750g of total dough with the addition of all the ingredients) with the same result that would be obtained by hand: a compact, elastic and homogeneous dough.

    • The versatility of Pasta Fresca is exceptional, thanks to the bayonet coupling compatible with the Marcato accessories for fresh pasta included in the box.

    • The practical instruction manual and the recipe book for pasta, bread, pizza and biscuits are included in the package. Pasta Mixer is an original Marcato product, made entirely in Italy.

    • Since 1930, Marcato products have been present in the kitchens of all those who have rediscovered the pleasure of healthy and genuine eating.

    • An authentic “Made in Italy” that stands out for its style in design, quality in details and durability.


    • Accessory for pastry sheet

    • Accessory for noodles

    • Accessory for fettuccine



    • In just 3 minutes, Pasta Fresca kneads 500g of flour with the same result as hand-kneaded: a compact, elastic and smooth dough


    • Pasta Fresca can knead different flour mixes for pasta, always guaranteeing the perfect dough for the different shapes.

    • The accessories included allows you to make lasagne (150 mm), fettuccine (6.5 mm) and tagliolini (1.5 mm). Pasta Fresca is the perfect machine for homemade pasta!

    Bread and pizza

    • The special movement of the mixer blade is ideal for preparing savory mixtures and reactivating them after leavening.

    Sweets and biscuits

    • Pasta Fresca can knead shortbread and sweet dough requiring a longer processing time than savory dough


                                CARE AND MAINTENANCE:
                                Only a few precautions are required for Pasta Fresca to last a long time.

                                • Never wash the machine and accessories with water or in the dishwasher.

                                • Unplug the power cord before performing maintenance.

                                • Clean the machine after use with a brush and a wooden stick.

                                • Any repairs must be performed by skilled personnel.

                                • For proper storage, we recommend placing the machine and its accessories inside their boxes.

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