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Miele Rotary Ironer: 1400 Front Feed

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    The Miele PM1214 Rotary Ironer has a 1400mm long roller and is an industrial rotary ironer for commercial & industrial laundries.
    Ironing performance of 33kg per hour @25% residual moisture, the laundry is returned to the front for easy operation.


    • Capacity 33kg/h, roller Ø 210mm, roller width 1400mm

    • Ideal ergonomics - height-adjustable and optional plinth

    • Touch display controls.

    • Perfect rotary ironing performance - flexibly positioned heater plate.

    • Temperature selection - The temperature can be set according to the type of fabric, residual moisture level and ironing finish required.

    • Pause function - When the pause function is selected, the heater plate retracts and the roller stops, protecting laundry and saving energy.

    • Laundry outfeed table with honeycomb structure.

    • Finger guard -  The finger guard is triggered if fingers come too close to the roller when feeding in laundry.

    • FlexControl footswitch - Feed-in items flawlessly by activating the FlexControl foot pedal switch that can be positioned where needed.

    • Laundry return feed - automatically returns laundry to the input side - can be installed against the wall.

    • Pick-off bands - ensure that the ironing is released from the output side of the roller.

    • Laundry box - The integrated laundry basket makes it easy to pre-sort the textiles for ironing.

    • Incorrect feed recognition.

    • Air suspension - top performance, perfect laundry finish with innovative springs, cushioning laundry against the heater plate.

    • Optional: Plinth.

    • Electrically heated with the motor, the latest controls and flexible working height.



    Uniform utilisation of the entire width

    Flawless finishing results require uniform utilisation of the entire width. If only one side of the ironer is used for a long time, the system recognises this and alerts the operator with a notification in the display and an audible tone.

    Easy and convenient operation

    A large touch display is used to easily and precisely select settings such as temperature and rotational speed.


    In order to provide an ergonomic working environment, rotary ironers are equipped with height-adjustable feet. In addition, an optional plinth is available.

    Finger guard

    A focus on safety: The finger guard is triggered if fingers come too close to the roller when feeding in the laundry.

    FlexControl foot switch

    Mistakes when feeding in items are easily avoided: Activating the moveable foot switch stops the roller. For ironers with feed-in belts, the bands are stopped as well.


    LxDxH (mm)
    Working Width (mm)
    Supple steel wool
    Heater Plate Material
    Max. ironing speed (m/min)
    Connected Load (kW)
    Electrical Connection
    400V/ 3ph/ 50Hz

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