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Isytech36 Undercounter Dishwasher With Drain Pump

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    Full double-skin construction with stratified double-skin construction for the sides of the wash chamber. Full double-skin construction for the door.
    The tank has a press-moulded bottom and is equipped with a full-width integral surface filter, which, thanks to its large intake size, is virtually unblockable. The wash chamber is free of internal pipes and sharp corners. The machine is also equipped with an upper and lower 3 arm rotating spray.

    Easy to use, reliable and complete, with four soft-touch keys and a 4-character LED display with two lateral indicator bars. Carefully chosen combinations of colours and graphic symbols provide a clear indication of the dishwasher status and wash cycle progress at a glance.

    In addition to the operating parameters, such as the temperature of the tank and boiler or the number of cycles completed, the indications provided by the automatic diagnosis system are also displayed.

    The information is provided in the form of codes, text, or graphic indicators and colours.

    It is possible to adjust the tank and boiler temperatures, the dosing of detergent and rinse aid, while our specialised technicians can modify all the operating parameters of the machine.

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    The Benefits

    Productivity - Shorter wash cycles ranging from 33 racks/hour - one of the highest values on the market.

    Low Operating Costs reduced costs for water, electrical power and chemicals are an immediate benefit for users of Colged dishwashers. Water consumption is between 1.8. and 2.0 litres per cycle.

    Multifunctional - 3 standard programmes for dishes, 3 for self-cleaning, tank water changing and up to 7 specialised programmes. 

    Self-clean programmes - simplify and speed up the end of shift operations and allow rapid changeover of all the water contained in the wash tank.

    Easy Cleaning

    Construction - No pipes inside the wash chambers, deep-drawn rack guides with no blind spots where dirt can accumulate, unblockable integral surface strainers, with 2.5 mm diameter mesh and dished to trap dirt during emptying.

    Progressive triple-stage filtration of the tank water with the elimination of particles down to a diameter of 0.8 mm; programme for self-cleaning of the wash chamber; wash arms can be removed simply by pressing a button and then clicked back into place.

    Water distribution systems

    HiTech arm made from a composite material called ProComposit (30% fibreglass, 30% talcum microparticles, 40% organic resin).
    During rinsing, patented UltraRinse3 geometry ensures that the water is used more effectively and efficiently, thereby helping to minimise consumption. 

    The arm rotates on 3 graphite bearings which reduce friction to virtually zero; this means the full force of the water from the pump is applied to wash the dishes rather than to rotate the arm via the reaction holes.

    Washing system

    DuoFlo technology of the powerful pump has two outlets; with one connecting to the upper arm and the other to the lower arm - this system eliminates the loss of pressure caused by dividing the flow.
    All the energy absorbed is transferred to the water, thereby achieving an effect equivalent to a conventional 600W pump from a 470 W pump.

    The HotWash system shares power between 2 independent heating elements to allow numerous repeated wash cycles without dropping high wash temperature.