In 1830, Ernest Mauviel established a company in his own name. The town of Villedieu-les-Poêles in Normandy has since become synonomous with cookware and copper cookware. Even before the founding of Mauviel 1830 France's royalty and elite ordered their cookware from the locals of the town who over centuries had become experts in the craft. Mauviel 1830 today still bares much resemblance to yesteryear with much of the manufacturing still being done by hand using traditional processes passed down from generation to generation. One will find Mauviel 1830 cookware as a trusted tool in professional kitchens, where it is used for making delicate sauces and other classics. As a collectors range or a single item as part of a chefs range the Mauviel 1830 product range always delights and endures.

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