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Discover the pajocet's exciting possibilities and capabilities

Benefits of Pacojet 2 Plus

  • Pacotizing   ®   enables chefs to micro-purée fresh,   frozen foods into ultra -light mousses, naturally fresh ice creams & sorbets or aromatic soups, or fillings without thawing.

  • Excellent resu lts à la minute.

  • Consistencies can be made even lighter and creamier.

  • Saves time without compromise in taste and texture.

  • Pacotized contents can be brought to be the desired serving temperature    à la minute - producing an exquisite, multi-faceted sensation in the mouth. 

  • Emulsions reach a new level of quality - homogenous and more stable. Pastes and farces can be perfectly mixed and made even smoother. 

  • The fresh, natural colours of the ingredients can be intensified through repeated pacotizing   ®

Perfection à la minute

The Pacojet 2 PLUS takes pacotizing® to a whole new level.

  • Swiss-made technology.

  • The new programmable automatic repeat function means recipes can be pacotized® up to 9 times without releasing the overpressure in between repetitions – saving you valuable time. 

  • Working with the Pacojet is simple, requiring just 3 steps: “ Prepare – Freeze – Pacotize® .”

  • Many time-consuming tasks such as peeling, straining, blanching or thawing are no longer necessary.

  • Your dishes can be prepared during quiet times and after 24 hours at -22° C, they are ready at the touch of a button .    


"  No other device can cerate a herbal puree that is as green and aromatic.  "

Markus Eberhardinger, Head Chef, Zum Bäckerhaus, Ebersbach-Roßwälden

Simply Exceptional

Pacotizing® micro-purees fresh deep-frozen food preparations with added air pressure into a silky-smooth texture.
That’s how pacotized® creations come to life – a superlative experience for all senses.

"  To work in a kitchen creatively and swiftly without Pacojet is not imaginable to me."
Vreni Giger,  Manager, Sorell Hotel Rigiblick, Zurich

Creativity without limits!
Thanks to its unique method of food preparation, the Pacojet opens up infinite options for creative artistry.

"  Pacojet makes it easier. With just some prep work, one can gain a whole lot of time .  "

Marco Akuzun,  Head Chef, restaurant top air, Flughafen Stuttgart

When time is of the essence
Many time-consuming tasks such as peeling, straining, blanching or thawing are no longer necessary.

" The Pacojet enables us to produce our own convenience products. That saves money and tastes better . "
Michael Steeb,  Head Chef, Park Inn, Stuttgart

Profit from quality
This modern cooking system reduces workload, increases kitchen efficiency and maximizes value. Market-fresh ingredients are processed virtually in their entirety and preserved by freezing, optimizing the cost of sales – and thus profits. Individual portions can be pacotized®

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