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Combi Ovens that do more.

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Mychef Cook is a professional combi oven that cooks just like you do: straightforward and practical. Its innovative cooking technology, optimised control and durable materials make it ideal for: 

Catering services




Unlimited Cooking Potential

Mychef Cook is a combi-style oven with three cook modes: convection, combi and steam. Its SmartClima Plus technology automatically adjusts the oven's humidity level, injecting or extracting steam for perfect cooking every time. You can roast, cook, brown, fry, steam, vacuum cook, dehydrate, smoke, etc.  

Fastest steam generation on the market

The Mychef Cook professional combi-oven generates steam 5 times faster than an oven with a boiler.

Dense steam from 30ºC in just 45 seconds with MultiSteam; the fastest steam generation and management system on the market,
with minimum 
water consumption and the most efficient performance.  

Mychef Cook achieves excellent cooking results and textures consistently in all kinds of food, in less time
and regardless of the content and number of trays which is essential in high production kitchens:

60 Spanish Potato Omelettes
in 30 minutes

70 portions of fish

in 6 minutes

180 Portions of Lasanga

in 25 minutes

Ultra-Fast preheating system

Reaches the desired temperature in the cooking chamber as quickly as possible and promotes energy savings. 

Take advantage of the preheat time and start cooking at the optimum temperature for each recipe.

+180°C in  1,31 minutes  cook 10 trays  

+180°C in  3,45 minutes  cook 6 trays: 

+180°C in  4,40 minutes  cook 4 trays:

Combi Cook Oven Models

Best cooking results at a competitive price

6 pan combi oven

Recommended meals per day: 40-110

10 pan combi oven

Recommended meals per day: 80-160


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