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Commercial laundry equipment designed to level up your establishment. Our flagship laundry brand Miele, imported from Germany, offers quality ahead of its time. A trusted name within the industry and capable of servicing all kinds of establishments. Using innovation and modern technology, our laundry equipment is centred around enhancing your establishments' laundry performance. 

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Convenience through Tech

Prioritize excellent results whist trying to achieve the lowest possible energy cost. 

Top Laundry Equipment



Simplistic user experience resulting in an easy to use, high-performance laundry division.  


Greater precision in temperature control for delicate items
that results in long-lasting fresh products


Consistent, reliable and trustworthy aftersales service provided through Culinary to ensure your establishment runs smooth. 


Increased performance and achieving the lowest possible energy consumption due to consistent technological innovation from our suppliers.


A timeless elegance without the compromise of performance. Sturdy, well-built and capable of handling demanding commercial environments. 


With a performance-oriented approach to delivering quality products, our laundry supplier aligned their product offering with this to ensure that our customers receive laundry equipment that will enhance their establishments. 

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