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360° comprehensive laundry solutions for hotels of different sizes.
Guaranteed to increase the speed and cleanliness of laundry, save costs and impress guests.


Clean bed linen, spotlessly white table cloths and quality towelling with a thread count among the feel-good factors for hotel guests. Miele's systematic solutions are ideally geared to the individual needs of hoteliers and ensure effective and gentle laundry care.

Miele laundry machines represent the professional solution to textile care in a hotel's on-site laundry. From small set-ups to reprocess fewer items through to comprehensive solutions to cover the entire range of hotel laundry including washing machines, tumble dryers and ironers.

wellness and spa

Sauna, beauty salon, gym – visitors to spas expect to be spoiled. Soft, quality bathrobes, slippers and towels have a significant role to play here and Miele Professional is able to guarantee the very highest of standards.

Spa guests soon sense whether the towelling provided is made from high-quality material, is gentle to the skin and smells fresh. To ensure guests have this experience, textiles must be professionally laundered.

In the spa, towels are provided often for hygienic purposes. To remove soiling without leaving any traces and to give the fabric its feel and bounce back again, Miele Professional washing machines offer tailored solutions. Multiple programmes designed for this purpose provide the very best quality. 

guest self-service

Many hotels offer their guests the opportunity to wash their own laundry on site. Guests place their trust in the ability of self-service launderettes to produce spotlessly clean laundry. A fast and thorough solution is provided by Miele Little Giants.

Washing machines open to use by guests of a hotel must offer top performance, a wide range of programmes and an uncomplicated user interface. Miele Professional washing machines are specifically designed to rise to these challenges.

With Miele payment systems, each washing and drying process can be individually recorded and billed.

hygiene washing

Immaculately cleaned laundry is a hotel's calling card. Alongside the appeal of soft, well-laundered textiles, thorough and hygienic cleaning plays a significant role. 

Often, investments in textile care consume a considerable part of a hotel's budget. It is all the more important, therefore, that hotel laundry is long-lasting and reflects the standards of hospitality the hotel commands.

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