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Keep your food fresh for longer while paying less on your electric bill. 
With advanced technology such as R290 refrigerant, CFC's free polyurethane insulation and LED light to help you pay less on electric bills

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Infrico Products

Why Infrico refrigerators?

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  • Infrico refrigerators are equipped with LED lights that save 80-90% more energy than traditional bulks PLUS they last six times longer than traditional bulks.

  • Inside chambers have thick CFC-free Polyurethane Insulation that retains cold temperature inside thereby reducing the amount of energy output.

  • Units with R290 refrigerant gas provide the same performance with less load.

  • Ventilated condensation system prolongs the lifespan of your refrigeration unit through increased air exchange 


  • Exterior and interior stainless steel AISI 304 with the roof, bottom, backsides front and back doors covered. The curved edge interior facilitates effective cleaning and

  • Worktops in food grade AISI 304 steel.

  • Well sealed doors that keep the cold temperature inside thanks to durable gaskets.

  • Grease and liquid protected control panel (IP44 & IP65)


Digital controllers and integrated control panels to protect against grease and liquids. Precision control with increased flexibility in achieving the desired temperature range. The constant circulation of air prevents heat accumulation and prevents corrosion. 

Quality Certification.

The continuing commitment to quality; to serve the top establishments around the world, the highest quality of refrigeration and cooling solutions. Learn more about Infricos quality certifications  here

100%  Tested

Products tested to minimize the amount of downtime. Garunteeing complaicne with safety tests and certified for quality verification. 

Continuously improving  quality

Quality materials treated with corrosion protection and extended copper thickness. A permanent commitment to innovation. 

Respect for the  environment

Policy of respect and conservation for the environment, certified by the international environmental standard. 

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Go Green.
Save on energy costs.

Infrico have specialised in the development and optimization of new products with high energy efficiency through continues research and development. 

Natural Refrigerant

The refrigerants currently used in most refrigeration products around the world and in South Africa, are harmful to the environment and possess a very high global warming potential. The refrigerant that Infrico use within their products has a zero ozone depletion potential and an insignificant global warming potential compared to competitive refrigerants.