Rotisserie Ovens

Culinary's range of high quality professional rotisseries are perfect for roast chicken, roast lamb, roast suckling pig and roast potatoes. We offer special spits for all different types of meats. The Package Offers include univeral spits for the rotisserie. Other special spits including swords, roast baskets, potato baskets, suckling pig baskets and vertical spits with 6 hooks, leg of lamb spits, quail spits and drip trays are sold separately.

The rotisseries are made in France to the highest standards. Each rotating spit works with an independent motor for durability and strength. The rotisseries are available in either gas or electricity. Culinary's rotisseries are attractive show cooking tools that increase the impulse sales of rotisserie and roast products in supermarkets, restaurants and speciality shops. 

Each rotisserie spit can accomodate approximately 6 chickens depending on the size of the bird. Cooking times vary from 45 mins to 75 mins but usually 60 mins. We offer training to our clients on how to operate the rotisserie for maximum results. 

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