Combi Steam Ovens

Our Combi Steam Ovens offer high levels of performance and versatility. Our brand, Salvis, is made in Switzerland to the highest global standards and compares to the best brands in the world. The wide range of models offer sizes from 3-level ovens to 20-level Combi Steam Ovens in either narrow GN 1/1 wide to wide GN 2/1 configurations. Salvis ovens use a patented steam injection system whch sets them apart from other brands in terms of power and energy efficiency. As the official African partner for Salvis in South Africa, Culinary has invested in training and certification for our staff. We offer best practice sales and service support at international standards. 

Excellent Energy Efficiency

Salvis Combi Steam Ovens were tested by the DIN (German Bureau of Standards) and were shown to be the most energy efficient Combi Steam Ovens in their class. Salvis Combi Steam Ovens are also quick and inexpensive to maintain thanks to the simplified access for technician to find and resolve problems. Salvis spare parts are available on demand from Culinary Equipment Company from our branches in Joburg, Durban and Cape Town. Customers choose Salvis Combi Steam Ovens for their lower total cost of ownership as compared to similar brands. 

Easy to Use

The Salvis Combi Steam oven operates a simple to use touch screen interface. Choose from a programmable "Pro" version (recipe database to your specifications, optional core temperature probe) or the simplified "Easy" version controls. Salvis ovens come with optional liquid cleaning sytem for daily self-cleaning cycles. Getting data from the oven is easy, either through a network port on the oven, WiFi or a direct download. Now you can easily comply with stringent ISO 22000 or HACCP regulations with your Salvis ovens. 

Choose Culinary and Salvis as a partner for state of the art technology, reliability and a proven 10 year track record in South Africa.

We offer full demos on Salvis equipment, training and pre-sales support. Please contact us to make a booking to see the Salvis combi steam oven in action. 

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