Nemox NXT1 Gelato

SKU: NEM-0036600V

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Fully Automatic Ice Cream Machine

Gelato NXT1 L’AUTOMATICA manages everything for you! Pour the ingredients and go. Your gelato will be ready to savour, just when you want!
A single touch allows starting the production of gelato, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, sorbet, granita.

The high tech storage software keeps gelato at the ideal density and flavour, perfect to be served for up to 8 hours after the preparation as if it had just been done.
Preparation times and storage phases are set automatically by the software, according to the constant detection of the room temperature and density of the mixture.
No need for useless timers or complicate manual operations.






A truly FULLY AUTOMATIC process.
Comes with a large 1.7 l. (1.9 Qt.) capacity AISI 304 stainless steel removable bowl.

Appliance Dimensions

265x385x235 mm

Net Weight

11,6 kg

Production per cycle

Every 20-30 minutes 1 kg – 1 qt

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