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Charcoal & Fire Cooking 

Culinary Equipment Company supplies a wide range of commercial & industrial kitchen equipment, ideally suited to satisfy the requirements of every chef and their way of cooking.

All our equipment are all carefully analysed and designed in terms of quality, safety, and hygiene. Their design is also based on reliability and ease of use, elegant aesthetic and technological innovation, satisfying the needs of the most demanding chefs.  

Key brands:

  • Josper Charcoal Ovens

  • Charvet Bespoke Cookers

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Sous-vide Cooking

Culinary Equipment Company has pioneered Sous-vide cooking for years as a unique solution for high-volume kitchens.

Sous-vide cooking gives you the freedom to vacuum pack your food, place it in water, set the temperature, and walk away. The meats and vegetables prepared using sous-vide will cook to perfection and keep your chef’s hands-free for other tasks. Your food will be held at a consistent temperature for long periods of time, and the texture and quality of your ingredients will remain intact. Ideal for busy, high-volume kitchens or food service businesses that prefer to prepare food in advance.

Key Benefits:

  • Consistent Cooking 

  • Extended Shelf Life 

  • Improved Food Safety

  • Easier & Faster Preparation

  • Better Yields & Reduced Food Waste

Turnkey Restaurant Design

Culinary Equipment Company offers professional kitchen design services for restaurants and other food service businesses. We have successfully completed over 100 commercial kitchen projects.

Our Turnkey restaurant design entails:

  • Developing concepts

  • Floor plan designs and renderings

  • Specifications of industrial kitchen equipment

  • Installation

  • User-training on kitchen equipment

  • After-sales services for maintenance and repairs.

Start-Up Business Services

Let us help you start your new business successfully!

Our experienced consultants offer a range of services to help you maximize your capital  and achieve your business goals. Culinary Equipment Company offers a variety of capital budgeting services, either for high level budget planning or granular costing of your project.

Our capital budgeting services deliverable should provide your finance manager with the key insights  required to validate your business plan and calculate your ROI period.


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