Sous-Vide Circulators & Baths

Culinary Equipment Company has over fifteen years in hands on Sous Vide experience. Equipped with knoweldge of low temperature cooking and applications of Sous Vide to the South African market, Culinary has partnered with several top quality brands to provide solutions to chefs with unparalleled results in the kitchen.

Salvis brand Sous Vide circulators and baths are manufactured in Switzerland and offer excellent performance either in a circulator and bath combination or as a circulator only. The range of Sous Chef models include a GN 1/1 bath and circulator, a GN 2/1 bath and circulator for production needs and a Flex model which is the circulator only.

Sous Vide Companion Products

Sous Vide solutions generally require a circlator and bath, vacuum sealer and a blast chiller. Culinary Equipment Company offers sales services to specify the right combination of equipment for your needs. Whether you are using Sous Vide for restaurant needs for fine dining, or if you want to accomplish central production requirements using Sous Vide we are capable of assisting you.

Sous Vide Recipes Solutions

Our expertise also extends to Sous Vide recipe development. We have developed hundreds of recipes for clients using their own flavours and ingredients. Our knoweldge of Sous Vide time and temperature cooking in our own development kitchen means that our clients benefit from our expertise plus the ability to test and plan their own Sous Vide recipes with us in our kitchen.

Sous Vide Training

Culinary offers thorough in house training for our Sous Vide products. Customers are enabled with hands on starter knowledge on Sous Vide principles as well as advanced knowledge and techniques.

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