Meat Maturing and Aging Cabinets

Culinary's dry age maturating cabinets for perfect dry-aged beef and salami are sophisticated cabinets made in Italy. Each cabinet is equipped with a humidity and temperature controlled device that regulates the internal atmosphere. The dry-aging process is tightly controlled and as little as 8% of the total weight of the meat is lost after 3-4 weeks of aging in the cabinet. The perfectly controlled climate allows for the meat to develop the unique aged and matured flavor characteristics without drying out or becoming mouldy. Culinary offers a wide range of meat cabinets to meet restaurant dry-aging needs. Dry age cabinets for home are also available on request.

  • Use in manual mode or with customized program steps.
  • Optimize space thanks to the patented toothed guides.
  • 100% stainless steel.
  • Atmosphere control by special ventilation system and filter to expel gases.
  • Easily store cheese, meat and other products concurrently.

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