Professional Ice Cream Machines in South Africa

How to choose the right Ice Cream Machine

Nemox Ice Cream machines come in two main formats; automatic and manual. For smaller restaurants that use the machine once or twice a day we recommend the manual machine versions (Chef 5L or Chef 3L). For more demanding needs such as continuous use, or produce and hold requirements (you set the machine to make gelato and then hold it at the right temp. and consistency during service) we would recommend the automatic machine versions (5K Crea, 3K Crea and 4K Crea).

We are happy to assist you over the telephone or by email to choose the right model for your needs.

Manual Machines:

These machines (Chef 5L and Chef 3L) are equipped with three buttons. The buttons can be used in combination or individually. The top button is for freezing, the second button is for chruning and the final button is for holding. It is important to note that these machines cannot be used without supervision. If the machine is set to freeze and churn it will continue to run even if the liquid becomes totally frozen. If the machine is not supervised and continues to run in this way it will lead to motor strain and burn out. For peace of mind, we recommend the Automatic range of machines which have operating programs.

Automatic Machines:

The 5K Crea, 3K Crea and 4K Crea machines are automatic machines with 4 programs. The programs will take the mixture inside the production beaker from cool liquid to "classic gelato", Semi Soft Gelato, Granita and Shock Freezing. What's best is the machine works without supervision and can be left to produce the correct "done-ness" of ice cream and then hold the mixture at that consistency until you wish to serve it. The paddle will churn ocassionally and the freezing system will continue to run. The automatic machines offer perfect results, peace of mind and easy of use. 

Bowls for Ice Cream Machines:

Unlike domestic machines which have bowls inside the freezing chamber, most professional machines do not have removeable bowls. Why not? Bowls allow for the mixture to be easily removed and stored but they also create a barrier for the transfer of cold from the machine to the liquid. This barrier makes the machine less efficient and slower too. Nemox professional machines (generally) offer direct contact freezing chambers where the liquid is placed into the churning chamber and is scooped out into a separate vessel after it is ready. Ease of cleaning a machine without a bowl should not be a priority concern. Nemox machines are easy to use and to clean. Moreover, machines such as the 5K offer a small drain at the front of the machine for ease of cleaning with soapy water.

Presenting Gelato and Ice Cream for Sale:

We recommend two display cases in the Nemox range (Buffet Fantasia and Pro 100) for presentation and direct sales to customers. The Fantasia Buffet Lux display is pefect for hotels which want to serve gelato to guests, or for customer self service applications. The Pro100 display is easily incorporated into food trucks and gelato carts. Some of our customers have used them for kiosks in malls and other similar locations. The attractice flat glass top of the Nemox Pro100 can be used at the point of sale for impulse orders of ice cream. 

Storing Gelato and Ice Cream In the Freezer

We recommend using a freezer that can hold gelato and ice cream at -18C and lower; below -20C is best. We offer several models that can achieve this temperature. Gelato and Ice Cream stored at higher temperatures do not maintain the air structure inside the ice cream and leads to dense or rock hard gelato with crystals. 



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