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Prioritise the elements of your kitchen which require your utmost attention while the Colged Dishwasher saves you time and money. With the smart patented technologies, the Colged Washers will increase your efficiency and effectiveness within the kitchen. 

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Maximise Sterility & Minimise Costs

  • Give your customers the clean, sterilised items that they would expect when dining with you. 

  • Save your business money by limiting the expenditure on water and electricity with technologically advanced systems to help you save. 

  • Allocate time and resources towards the important aspects of your business by increasing the efficiency of your cleaning process and limiting the timeliness of the process. 


Save Time & Money

The specialised programs that allows dishwashers to decrease the amount spent on water and electricity and increase the time efficiency of the wash, saving you money!

Reducing Water &
detergent waste

Patented UltraRinse and HotWash technologies allow for water and detergent to be used more effectively and efficiently thereby minimising consumption. 

Increase Sterility

The specialised programs offer various tailored solutions to cleaning your products, from specific glass to dish wash types; the hygienic environment which your customers would experience would be unprecedented. 

Easy & Simple cleaning

The Colged Dishwashers come standard with self-cleaning options and various specialised programmes designed to ensure cleanliness and sterility. 


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Isytech 34 Bar Glasswasher (35 Racks/h)

Easy to use, reliable and complete, with four soft-touch keys and a 4-character LED display with two lateral indicator bars. Carefully chosen combinations of colours and graphic symbols provide a clear indication of the dishwasher status and wash cycle progress at a glance.

3 Standard programmes (for glasses, self cleaning and tank water changing):

  • ProSpeed programme - for fresh, light soiling.

  • ProFessional programme - for general use.

  • ProTemp programme - with high temperature water rinse.

4 Specialised programmes:

  • ProWater programme - specially for osmosis water.

  • ProPlates programme - for plates.

  • ProClean - Self-cleaning cycle with high-pressure jets for machines programme and automatic drain.

  • ProDrain: automatic tank draining.

Dimensions (WxDxH):  436 x 535 x 670 cm
Rack size:  390 x 390 mm
Door opening height:  32 cm

H cm
30 cm
Ø cm
30 cm


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Isytech 36 Plate & Glass washer (33 Racks/h)

Full double-skin construction with stratified double-skin construction for the sides of the wash chamber.
Full double-skin construction for the door.  The tank has a press-moulded bottom and is equipped with a full-width integral surface filter, which, thanks to its large intake size, is virtually unblockable.  The wash chamber is free of internal pipes and sharp corners.

  • ProSpeed programme - Light, fresh soiling

  • ProFessional programme - General use

  • ProTemp programme - Heavy soiling - high-temperature cycle

  • ProGlass programme - Glass and crystal

  • ProWater programme - Glass and crystal with osmosis-treated water

  • ProLong programme - Heavy soiling - continuous wash

  • ProEco programme - Blood and starch - low-temperature cycle

  • ProClean self-clean programme and automatic drain

  • ProDrain - automatic drain

Dimensions (WxDxH):  575 x 605 x 820 mm
Rack size:  390x390mm
Door opening height:  36,5 cm

H cm
32,5 cm
Ø cm
36,5 cm


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Isytech 38 Hood Type Dishwasher (45 Racks/h)

Full double-skin construction with thermally-acoustically insulated hood. The hood lifts smoothly and easily with no tight spots, thereby reducing operator fatigue. The hood opening of 45 cm is among the highest of products in this market segment. The tank is entirely press moulded and free of welds and sharp edges; it is equipped with a full-width integral surface filter, which, thanks to its large intake size, is virtually unblockable. The wash chamber is free of internal pipes and sharp corners.

  • ProSpeed programme - for fresh, light soiling

  • ProTemp programme - high-temperature wash for heavy soiling.

  • ProGlass programme - for glass and crystal

  • ProWater programme - a special programme for osmosis water

  • ProLong programme - continuous wash for dried-on dirt

  • ProEco programme - low-temperature wash for blood and starch

  • ProSelf self-clean programme - self-clean cycle for machines with gravity drain

  • DuoFlow pump - 2 outlets, with one outlet connected directly to the upper arm and the other to the lower arm, this system eliminates the loss of pressure caused by dividing the flow.

  • UltraRinse rinse arm - geometry ensures that the water is used more effectively and efficiently, thereby helping to minimise


Dimensions (WxDxH):  634 x 744 x 1529 mm
Rack size:  500 x 500 mm
Door opening height:  45 cm

H cm
42,5 cm
Ø cm
44 cm
H cm
GN1/1 (53 x 32)

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